The stress
free paper.

MultiOffice is the perfect combination of high whiteness level and cost effectiveness for your daily document’s applications. MultiOffice offers a perfect definition of your work, even in colour printing. Choose for efficiency, choose MultiOffice!

MultiOffice Paper - 70/75gm
MultiOffice Paper - 70/75gm

& Functional

State-of-the-art production technology and the best raw materials deliver a high performance paper.

MultiOffice Paper - 70/75gm

the paper
that best fits
your needs


Printers can be troublesome: You’ll have to deal with paper jams, curlings, and other problems, which slow down the workflow. Plus, no one wants to stay longer at the office because of a print issue.

That’s why our stress free paper can really make a difference in your daily document’s application. Thanks to its high level of print quality and whiteness, MultiOffice makes it easier, cheaper and is eco-efficient for offices all around the world.

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